“The Sessions is a remarkable new undertaking that provides years of experience, wisdom and know-how to anyone wanting to forge their lives in the music business. Attendees learn not only from the successes of the expert panel, but also from the mistakes we have all made trying to “make it.” The candor and the inspiration on display was as impressive to me as it was to all of those attending the most recent “Sessions” in Dallas. I look forward to repeating the experience, and I can recommend it to anyone.”
Peter Erskine,  Drummer, USC Professor and Educator

“The Sessions events are an amazing time of information sharing. I’ve learned a tremendous amount being a part of them! It would have been so helpful to me in my developmental years. Jules and her team have created an an invaluable resource for students of this business.”
Russ Miller, Drummer for American Idol, Andrea Bocelli, Multi-Platinum Recording Artist

“It was a privilege to be part of the L.A. Sessions.  As an experienced educational musician….I heartily endorse the approach and quality of these beneficial occasions.  They are the real deal.  Thank you for the opportunity of membership in this fine group.”

Ed Shaughnessy, Drummer for  The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson


“Fueled by the collective energies and experience of music industry professionals.
The Sessions is a uniquely informative and motivational presentation that can truly be a secret weapon for a future generation of musicians and music business leaders. 
The Sessions makes a difference.”

Rich RedmondDrummer (Jason Aldean), Producer, Speaker


“The Sessions is a must attend for anyone in the music business, or anyone aspiring to be in the biz, to become aware of the new and changing way to handle your business as an artist and/or musician.”   Brian Pasotoria, Harmonie Park Media Group/UDetroit


“The Sessions are great learning examples of the real music business, featuring so many important areas of the biz explained by the experts in each area of the business!! ”

Hal Blaine, Legend drummer (6000+  recorded songs), Wrecking Crew


“To be honest, we loved everything about The Sessions! The only thing we might wish is that it was longer because there is so much to cover! We learned a lot! Having an opportunity to jam with legendary artists was amazing. The presentation on entertainment law was very memorable and helpful. I wouldn’t cut short a minute of the artists and experts presentations – they were fascinating and inspiring. It was just simply an amazing experience that we will remember forever. Thanks to everyone who made this possible and participated in making this possible! You guys are awesome!”
The White Ravens @ Max Fisher Theater in Detroit

“You have changed my life completely. I have always wanted to hear straight talk about the business/legal side of things (I have some rather unique and lofty plans for my musical career). You have given me an incredible set of tools to begin building that vision and the inspiration to know that I am not out of my head for thinking that my dream is a real possibility. Thank you.”
Sean Mitchell @ The Collective NYC

“I am the Army Band Musician that met you briefly at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville. I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful and inspiring spirit. I couldn’t help but feel great after listening to you and the rest of the SESSIONS panel. It was exactly what I needed to hear as a musician that just moved to Nashville, TN from South Dakota.”
Daniel Heier @ Summer NAMM

“What a powerful presentation. Thanks to all involved.”
Donn Garrett @EMP Museum in  Seattle