Why Should You Attend The Sessions?

“Awesome hearing from these amazingly influential people!!”    Dannielle @ CSU

“A fantastic opportunity to learn from and play with some of the best and most successful people in the music industry, a once in a lifetime opportunity!”      Cara @ NYC Collective

“Best seminar at NAMM”     Nicko at Winter NAMM

“The sincerity, passion and generosity that this panel exudes is phenomenal, sometimes downright overwhelming!”           Diane@Colorado State University

“Very informative and uplifting”     Student@Loyola University

“An invaluable experience that transcended pedantic or vague advice.  May The Sessions continue for generations to come!”     Robert @EMP Museum Seattle

“I found myself mesmerized by every word!  Such an amazing experience, I was incredibly inspired!”    Spyche @Lone Star Percussion Dallas

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