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Your Path to Success in the Music Industry

A powerful and uplifting interactive presentation to sharpen Artist BUSINESS skills in pursuit of excellence in their careers; including contract negotiations, entertainment law, marketing, self-promotion, social media and artist relations.

Why Attend?

Knowledgeable BUSINESS tips and real life experiences shared by music industry professionals with years of experience makes this an interesting, entertaining and priceless presentation! An unforgettable event and opportunity for musicians who want success in their careers! Many events have an opportunity to listen, learn & jam with a LEGEND in this industry and often currently touring artists.

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Why Host?

The Sessions empowers students with BUSINESS information from music industry professionals who share their knowledge and experience. The Sessions has been hosted at prestigious schools and venues around the world. Find out how to host The Sessions in 2016!

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The Sessions Panel with Music Starts Here
August 18th 2016

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College of Saint Rose
September 23rd 2016

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Wisconsin Music Educators Association (WMEA)
October 2016

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"The Sessions is a remarkable new undertaking that provides years of experience, wisdom and know-how to anyone wanting to forge their lives in the music business."

Peter Erskine
Drummer Legend, Director of Drumset Studies at USC Thornton School of Music, Professor at USC

"Offering its participants the opportunity to get up onstage to jam and play music with the stellar musical guests on the panel, each of whom are an example of a thriving, successful, high-profile player while helping to sustain and support the industry and create an empowered next generation of musicians through true talent and a plan for success. Experience The Sessions and give students a gift that will transform a day they'll always remember into a mission for life."

Percussion Faculty, McNally Smith College of Music

"You have changed my life completely. I have always wanted to hear straight talk about the business/legal side of things (as I have some rather unique and lofty plans for my musical career)."

Sessions Attendee

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